Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Exceeding their Mandate

Now India is plunged into political darkness because of CAGs audit report on Coal block allotments. In 1973 a new approach is formulated in coalmining. The governments COAL india ltd is not in a position to supply coal to all the power producing units.In the year 1998 a decision was taken to give coal blocks to private parties. At that time NDA was ruling and they distributed 28 licences for coal production. In the year 2004 when the UPA came to power they announced a change in the policy.Because of dramatic GDP growth the reqirements of power had gone up. To meet the GDP growth a fair mechanism was necessiated and a fair transparency policy was announced. BUT to implement so many hurdles were there. It involved so many departments such as coal steel power law miningare to be coordinated.All the state govts views are to be consulted.So many differences arose and not implemented properly. The BJP ruled govts voiced their concern citing Sarkaria Commissions report. So a steering committee formed with all the state govts representatives and all the departments concerned and coal secretary is the head.When it is about to implement THE CAG took the audit and commented huge loss to the tune of 1.86 lakh crores ,calculated presumptively.Huge political drama now going on. CAG again and again took controversial audits confined to UPA and not the NDAs period when the policy was introduced. The estimated losses are calculated in an orbitrary manner.Crony accountism is followed only to malign chide the current govt.Their findings are the windfall gains to the the political terrorism unleashed by BJP. When a mechanism is introduced the introducers are found fault so that the PARLIAMENT could not function.Blackmail policy is the new political way and obstructionism is also justified in a farcical way.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Politics On Terror

Yesterday in NewDelhi a chief ministers conference was held to discuss on National Counter Terror Centre. Almost all the opposition chief ministers objected for the sweeping powers givers to the Central Intelligent agencies. They prompted for the Introduction of POTA Act. The Pota act was misused by two chief ministers who opposed NCTC.Because of their misuse that act was repealed.All the opposition Chief ministers opposed because they think this NCTC will infringe their federal rights. Not True.They dont brook thc credit going to Centre and the Union Home Minister.So united in opposition they stalled the implementation. One chief minister used the Goondas act to counter her political opponents.Unnecessary talks in the meeting reflect the sentiments. One CM talked about the economic conditions which is not in the agenda.These opponents care about their states and not about the Nation as a whole. Their actions are in suspect to charge the Central Govt in future Terror attacks for not sharing intelligent information.These political opportunitism should be condemned by all. Simply saying foreign innovations not suitable to Indian context is an excuse. Their main aim is to weaken the Central Govt by not allowing the new devices to be adopted by the central Intelligence agencies.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bofors Scam

Bofors Scam is again and again raked up only to malign former PM Rajiv Gandhi and his family. The recent outburst of Mr. Lindstorm former police chief in  Sweden smacks of ulterior motives. If he had done his duty professioally he could have charged anybody. By maligning Indian Investigators he lost his balance . His open admission that he had supplied documents to Chitra Subramaniam is a matterof concern. Instead of probing within his ambit he delivered the documents to Chitra and the HINDU newspaper shows his insincerity.He was a part and parcel of  destabilising Indiawith the help of some newspapers who are opposed to to Congress Party and the the Indian govt.They are not whistle blowers to my view.The Indian Opposition once again want to rake up the old wine. They often forgot INDIA was ruled by them for more than 10 years after this episode.Who prevented them for a true Probe? Mere maligning the present govt is not enough.They didnt resperct the findings of JPC which probed the matter . They have no regards for Indian High Courts and Supreme court which had closed the matter.They had spent more than 300 cr rupees to investigate for the disputed amount of 64 crores.Nice and fantastic. No other country had such such fantasy spendings. They believed only the version of former police Chief of some other country not the Indian Version.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Abhishek Singhvi a leading lawyer  the official spokesperson of the Ruling Congress Party and chairman of standing committee on law and Justice in Parliament committee has resigned all the party and govt posts.His otstanding English flair acclaimed all the glories in debates and in media circles. He was the architect in presenting current Lokpal Bill submitted in last season of Parliament. Because of his outstanding oratory quality he had many foes in politics and civil society matters.A morphed CD landed him in trouble. Though it was his Private affair it created Controversy.High court had banned the publications of the contents. Inspite of the ban medias indirectly debated too much causing embarassment to this man. People in high society hereafter has to be careful with drivers and servants.The drivers not all but some have the temptations of yielding to pressures from outside. Naturally grace has fallen from these nice good man. Indian Society is passing through hard times.Plans are hatched to malign some important personalities through indecent means.Today Abhishek may be a victim  tomorrow    ?

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Indian Armys shopping fiasco

Every year one scam on two scams appear in media over arms purchase. Even genuine persons are in suspect and the media hype presenting a distorted picture causing huge embarassment.From Bofors purchase the same thing occured the culprits sensationalise the thing emotionally. Indians real weakness these fellows understood and so distortion in unusual way with the help of the opposition.. Those who are awarded army contracts are maligned by the unsuccessful bidders.They are the root cause of the scams.Once when they lost the contract they with the help of some medias indulge in character assasination of the high tech personalities. These companies indulge in giving false information to the medias causing unrecoverable embarrasment to the govt.India is not self sufficient and so it is easily to allege malpractices without any proof causing temporary feeds to the medias. Their intention is clear. If the govt is maligned then they will go slow in purchases.Some foreign elements cleverly twisted these matter so that the military will be short of arms . If the govt goes one step further they will be dragged two steps behind by these elements.CAGs and Judiciary waiting with their guns and so frustration even transparency in matters related in arms purchase. These foreign companies are the main players in recent controversies within the army.