Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Exceeding their Mandate

Now India is plunged into political darkness because of CAGs audit report on Coal block allotments. In 1973 a new approach is formulated in coalmining. The governments COAL india ltd is not in a position to supply coal to all the power producing units.In the year 1998 a decision was taken to give coal blocks to private parties. At that time NDA was ruling and they distributed 28 licences for coal production. In the year 2004 when the UPA came to power they announced a change in the policy.Because of dramatic GDP growth the reqirements of power had gone up. To meet the GDP growth a fair mechanism was necessiated and a fair transparency policy was announced. BUT to implement so many hurdles were there. It involved so many departments such as coal steel power law miningare to be coordinated.All the state govts views are to be consulted.So many differences arose and not implemented properly. The BJP ruled govts voiced their concern citing Sarkaria Commissions report. So a steering committee formed with all the state govts representatives and all the departments concerned and coal secretary is the head.When it is about to implement THE CAG took the audit and commented huge loss to the tune of 1.86 lakh crores ,calculated presumptively.Huge political drama now going on. CAG again and again took controversial audits confined to UPA and not the NDAs period when the policy was introduced. The estimated losses are calculated in an orbitrary manner.Crony accountism is followed only to malign chide the current govt.Their findings are the windfall gains to the the political terrorism unleashed by BJP. When a mechanism is introduced the introducers are found fault so that the PARLIAMENT could not function.Blackmail policy is the new political way and obstructionism is also justified in a farcical way.

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