Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bofors Scam

Bofors Scam is again and again raked up only to malign former PM Rajiv Gandhi and his family. The recent outburst of Mr. Lindstorm former police chief in  Sweden smacks of ulterior motives. If he had done his duty professioally he could have charged anybody. By maligning Indian Investigators he lost his balance . His open admission that he had supplied documents to Chitra Subramaniam is a matterof concern. Instead of probing within his ambit he delivered the documents to Chitra and the HINDU newspaper shows his insincerity.He was a part and parcel of  destabilising Indiawith the help of some newspapers who are opposed to to Congress Party and the the Indian govt.They are not whistle blowers to my view.The Indian Opposition once again want to rake up the old wine. They often forgot INDIA was ruled by them for more than 10 years after this episode.Who prevented them for a true Probe? Mere maligning the present govt is not enough.They didnt resperct the findings of JPC which probed the matter . They have no regards for Indian High Courts and Supreme court which had closed the matter.They had spent more than 300 cr rupees to investigate for the disputed amount of 64 crores.Nice and fantastic. No other country had such such fantasy spendings. They believed only the version of former police Chief of some other country not the Indian Version.

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