Sunday, 6 May 2012

Politics On Terror

Yesterday in NewDelhi a chief ministers conference was held to discuss on National Counter Terror Centre. Almost all the opposition chief ministers objected for the sweeping powers givers to the Central Intelligent agencies. They prompted for the Introduction of POTA Act. The Pota act was misused by two chief ministers who opposed NCTC.Because of their misuse that act was repealed.All the opposition Chief ministers opposed because they think this NCTC will infringe their federal rights. Not True.They dont brook thc credit going to Centre and the Union Home Minister.So united in opposition they stalled the implementation. One chief minister used the Goondas act to counter her political opponents.Unnecessary talks in the meeting reflect the sentiments. One CM talked about the economic conditions which is not in the agenda.These opponents care about their states and not about the Nation as a whole. Their actions are in suspect to charge the Central Govt in future Terror attacks for not sharing intelligent information.These political opportunitism should be condemned by all. Simply saying foreign innovations not suitable to Indian context is an excuse. Their main aim is to weaken the Central Govt by not allowing the new devices to be adopted by the central Intelligence agencies.

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