Sunday, 1 April 2012

Indian Armys shopping fiasco

Every year one scam on two scams appear in media over arms purchase. Even genuine persons are in suspect and the media hype presenting a distorted picture causing huge embarassment.From Bofors purchase the same thing occured the culprits sensationalise the thing emotionally. Indians real weakness these fellows understood and so distortion in unusual way with the help of the opposition.. Those who are awarded army contracts are maligned by the unsuccessful bidders.They are the root cause of the scams.Once when they lost the contract they with the help of some medias indulge in character assasination of the high tech personalities. These companies indulge in giving false information to the medias causing unrecoverable embarrasment to the govt.India is not self sufficient and so it is easily to allege malpractices without any proof causing temporary feeds to the medias. Their intention is clear. If the govt is maligned then they will go slow in purchases.Some foreign elements cleverly twisted these matter so that the military will be short of arms . If the govt goes one step further they will be dragged two steps behind by these elements.CAGs and Judiciary waiting with their guns and so frustration even transparency in matters related in arms purchase. These foreign companies are the main players in recent controversies within the army.

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