Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Abhishek Singhvi a leading lawyer  the official spokesperson of the Ruling Congress Party and chairman of standing committee on law and Justice in Parliament committee has resigned all the party and govt posts.His otstanding English flair acclaimed all the glories in debates and in media circles. He was the architect in presenting current Lokpal Bill submitted in last season of Parliament. Because of his outstanding oratory quality he had many foes in politics and civil society matters.A morphed CD landed him in trouble. Though it was his Private affair it created Controversy.High court had banned the publications of the contents. Inspite of the ban medias indirectly debated too much causing embarassment to this man. People in high society hereafter has to be careful with drivers and servants.The drivers not all but some have the temptations of yielding to pressures from outside. Naturally grace has fallen from these nice good man. Indian Society is passing through hard times.Plans are hatched to malign some important personalities through indecent means.Today Abhishek may be a victim  tomorrow    ?

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