Saturday, 4 May 2013

Parliamentary democracy in Peril

Now Indian democracy is in danger. Without having absolute majority the ruling party has to rely on unscruplous and blackmail parties. Using this opportunity the opposition is running after the heads of the government and the ruling party. Parliament is disturbed for more than three sessions without transacting any useful business.The opposition is daily targetting one after another for frivolous and trivial matter.The small regional parties in their turn dictating terms on foreign policy matters.So utter confusion prevails in all levels. All these opposition only because of the growth story of Indian Economy.Fearing doubt and colluding with some officials these opposition stalls the Parliament and utter Pandemonium prevails.Petty things are taken as if some worst thing is happening in India.Third rate behaviour of these parties smacks suspision in the minds of the ruling clique.Medias are adding fuel to the fire. In the name of meaningful debates they are creating a situation of no return to normalcy.If auditor General indicts some ministries  they are projected as corruption.Cooperation is not the word heard in Parliament today.Waste of public money is concern of good citizens.There is no sight to end this logjam.

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