Saturday, 10 August 2013


AGE doesnt matter for the real heroes. Even in the age of 80s and 90s some people glorify themselves.Some rare personalities shine in their career even after 85s. They have constant memory,great will to survive and struggle. Queen Elizabeth is a charming personality even after her 80s.Her gestures and her passion for moving with the people is a live story. She is a public figure for more than 60 years. People in UK love her for her outstanding personality. Simon Peres Israeli President is now 90 years old. His birthday is celebrated recently with most celebrities of all the world including the PMs and ex PMs ,Presidents and ex PResidents. Peres still active and mentally balanced. Like this so many other personalities live in different countries with flying colours. In India PM Manmohan Singh still active and enthuses new economic Policies at the age of 84. In Tamilnadu ex chief minster K.Karuanidhi is still active at the age of 90. He occupied that post for more six times. Physically his body is very weak but mentally very very strong. Still he participates in the protests, writes daily in Newspapers and  engages himself as a youngman. These are certain some exemplary persons i mention. The same with so many personalities around the world,they are the real masters and unique persons.Old wine is the real taste and so these personalities are the real shining stars.

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